Net10 is a surprising prepaid cell phones provider. It offers some of the hottest new phones and has an excellent offering of prepaid family plans. Through its partnerships with all of the major cell phone service providers, it is able to offer nationwide coverage on virtually every tower. Unfortunately, if you want an individual prepaid cell phone plan, Net10's monthly and pay-as-you-go plans are more expensive than many other services. If you're looking for a good prepaid family plan and want to use a high-end phone like the iPhone 5, Net10 is a great option.

Net10 offers several monthly plans, including five unlimited plans. For individuals, unlimited plans start at $50 per month and include unlimited talk, text and mobile web. For $15 more, you can get unlimited international talk, text and data. The other monthly plans offer as much as 750 minutes per month for $25 per month. Where Net10 shines, though, is its prepaid family plans. These plans offer unlimited nationwide talk, text and data for $90 with two people, $130 for three people and $170 for four people. Compared to other service options, Net10's prepaid family plans offer a huge saving for unlimited talk, text and data. If you're looking for a pay-as-you-go plan, Net10 offers up to 1500 minutes for $100.

Most of Net10's phones are basic and low-end smartphones, but if you want something better, you can buy an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III for full price. Net10 allows you to bring your own phone, but you do have to buy a SIM card and pick the right tower type at set up. Fortunately, there are detailed tutorials to help you get started. Net10's phones have most of the features we look for, including unlimited 411 Directory Assistance. Unfortunately, this service does not support three-way calling or roaming.

If you need help, Net10's customer portal includes technical help, a FAQs section and contact information. Customer support is available by email and phone.

Net10 Summary:

Net10 has some of the best prepaid family plans available, and the prices for unlimited talk, text and data give you huge savings compared to contract-based phone providers. Net10 has a great selection of prepaid cell phones, and you can bring your own phone. We wish that Net10 had more individual service plans. However, it is great for families.



Net10's prepaid family plans offer unlimited talk, text and data for a low monthly price.

Individual service options are limited and expensive.

The Verdict:

Net10 is a great prepaid cell phone option for families, but it has limited service options.