T-Mobile Announces New Phone Plans Without Contracts

By Dan Hope Oct 26th, 2009

In an effort to stay relevant among the other networks that are getting more press (and possibly more business) lately, T-Mobile has announced the new Even More and Even More Plus plans that are designed to attract new customers with simpler plans and no contracts to sign.

We’ve been hearing rumors about T-Mobile’s “Project Black” for the last few weeks and it appears this is what Project Black turned into. T-Mobile has made their pricing plan more competitive, with better rates for data plans, and more attractive, with the option of having no contract.

The Even More plans still require contracts and are fairly traditional for a phone plan; they’re just cheaper. The Even More Plus plans, however, change the rules by letting you get extremely competitive prices without signing the ubiquitous 2-year contract. That means you won’t get any subsidized phones, but the cheaper price and ability to get out without a penalty fee might make it worth it for many customers. Plus, it’s an excellent deal if you already have a phone that will work on the T-Mobile network (GSM phones that are unlocked).

On the Plus plans, you can get unlimited minutes, unlimited texting and unlimited Web surfing for $79 per month. That’s nearly $20 less than the previously cheapest unlimited everything plan, which was available through Sprint. Even the plan for unlimited talk and text (no data) is only $49, which is about what you pay for around 500-700 minutes alone at many other providers.

Remember, all this comes with phones that are unsubsidized, so you’ll still be paying hundreds of dollars for a respectable piece of hardware. Still, the plan pricing is pretty amazing.

The Even More plans are a little more traditional if you still feel more comfortable with subsidized phones and 2-year contracts. At $59 per month, you can get unlimited minutes. Unlimited text and data will be another $40 per month. It’s not quite as enticing as the Even More Plus plans, but the phones are cheaper.

In order to offset the expense of the phones on the Plus plan, T-Mobile has also created an installment plan that allows you to pay for your phone in increments. The Equipment Installment Plan makes it possible to pay for the phone monthly in addition to your phone bill. The plan is pretty flexible; you can pay off the phone in 4 to 20 installments depending on how long you want to draw it out, and there’s no interest.

CNET did some interesting math with the Even More Plus plan and figured you could get unlimited everything and a new G1 for $99 per month, and that’s without a contract. Sounds like a pretty nice new business plan.

While we don’t know if all carriers should do it exactly the same way, we do like that T-Mobile is shaking up the longstanding pricing traditions of the mobile industry. And we certainly hope this will force the other carriers to innovate and lower prices in general.

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